I go by “Mel” and yes it is short for Melissa.

My experiences come from 19 years of being a College Soccer Coach. I coached at all levels. My job was to mold young female adults on and off the field. The challenges that came from the job was finding ways to motivate, encourage, teach and problem solve for each student-athlete with different backgrounds. (Not to mention the recruiting, fundraising, community service, Athletic Events, and so much more outside the coaching aspect.) Coaching you have to invest in each person, it is not a 9-5 job.

What I bring to eVetPractice is; hard work, willingness to problem solve, motivate and encourage as you learn the system and endure change, invest in you and your practice and most of all bring energy because I love people and Animals! I was a proud owner of a 13.5 year old pound puppy name Shelby that was a 110 lb Lab mix.

Free time:
Kayaking, Mountain biking, Camping, Fishing, Friend time and Family time.

Important to me:
God, Family and Friends.