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We are eVetPractice, a group of humans devoted to bringing you the best in veterinary software.


Jennifer Perocchi

North American Sales Manager, Cloud Software & Sales Effectiveness

Mel Heinz

Raving Fans Sales Associate

Jeff Whitlow

Raving Fans Sales Associate

Erin White

Raving Fans Sales Associate


Randy Doyle

Raving Fans Support Specialist

Jeffery Clemmons

Raving Fans Support Specialist

Ben Fenner

Raving Fans Support Specialist

Robert Stepowany

Support Manager

Sean McGahee

Raving Fans Specialist

Laura Soles

Raving Fans Specialist

Matthew DeMasters

Raving Fans Specialist

Bill Stegner

Raving Fans Specialist

Erica Price

Raving Fans Specialist


Jacob Smith

Raving Fans Trainer

Megan Van Rheenen

Training Manager

Christa Gavitt

Raving Fans Trainer

Debbie Amick

Raving Fans Trainer

Account Management

Ashle Crowe

Account Manager

Nancy Boisvert

Raving Fans Account Manager

Stephanie Heinz

Manager of Customer Onboarding & Account Management

Emily Hollomon

Raving Fans Account Manager

Sara Berube

Raving Fans Account Manager


Eddie Heinz


Chris Robuck

Raving Fans Engineer

Lee Pilgrim

Raving Fans Engineer

How it all began

Our history and how we became who we are today.

eVetPractice began back in 2011 when our owner and founder, Eddie Heinz, was tasked by his sister-in-law to find an affordable practice management solution that offered the necessary features to run the new mobile practice she was beginning. Dr. Kristen Arp had worked in corporate medicine for some time and knew the value of properly managing her business, but like most veterinarians, did not have a background in software and was concerned about making the right choice. Fortunately, she reached out to the family software developer for assistance.

After quite a bit of research into the available practice management systems on the market, Eddie kept coming back to the same conclusion. There has to be a better solution. Why should systems either require such a large cash outlay, limit mobility, or be a stripped down product that’s lacks critical features??? So he committed to create a system for her that would meet the needs of her growing practice.

Several months, meetings and feedback sessions, and countless hours of programming later, was a working practice management system. Dr. Arp has been using it since and with a little word of mouth we found others that were interested in giving it a shot as well.

Since then, we have taken enhancement suggestions from our clients and leads to continue to grow and become a truly veterinarian designed system. We are proud to say that we work with some of the best in the business and they are making us what we are today. Each helping to keep us on our toes in the ever changing world of Veterinary Medicine Technology. We strive to honor that contribution by providing a software they enjoy using and industry leading customer service. Our clients now span more than 47 states within the United States, as well as Canada and Australia. We look forward to offering to many more practices and adding to our family of raving fan clients!

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